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FREE Printable DIY Mother’s Day Card

Free Printable DIY Mother's Day Card

Mother’s Day is only 2 days away, and this FREE Mother’s Day Card is all ready for you to download and print off at home!

Perfect for when you procrastinated getting a card until the last minute and all the good one’s are gone… *story of my life.*

The inside of the card is blank, so you can completely personalize it to your mom. You can even re-purpose it. Use it for mom’s birthday, or as a thank you note, or just to let her know you’re thinking of her. No matter the reason.. be sure to tell her in lots of words how much you love her and appreciate all she’s done for you — she deserves a novel!

Follow the steps below to download, print, cut, and fold this Free Mother’s Day Card at home today!

Step 1: Download the FREE Mother’s Day Card

I hand-lettered and designed this floral Mother’s Day Card, and I’m giving it to you completely FREE! Just head to my Free Resource Library to download it now.

Hint: to access the Free Resource Library, you need the password available exclusively to my email subscribers. If you don’t have the password yet, you can request it here. I’ll send you the password immediately!

Once you’re in the Library, scroll down to the .PDF section, where you’ll find the link to download the FREE Mother’s Day Card. Depending on your internet browser, the steps to save it may vary, but either navigate to your Downloads folder on your computer, or if the card opens in a new internet browser tab, right-click and choose Save As…

Step 2: Print the FREE Mother’s Day Card

FREE Floral Mother's Day Card Printable

If you have a printer at home, you can print this off immediately. I’d recommend printing it on a thicker paper such as card stock, but it’s NBD if you don’t have the fancy-schmancy stuff. Just use whatever paper you have.

In your Printer Settings, print it full-scale, don’t choose scale to fit. The whole card is 10 inches wide and 7 inches tall, which will fit on a standard 8.5×11 inch page.

Now, I will say– hopefully one of the things you have is a color printer. Being the designer, I am obligated to tell you that this design must be printed in color, because these florals want to be seen in all their colorful glory. I specifically designed this card to be bright and fun, just like Mom! However, if your mom is neither bright nor fun, I guess you can print it in black and white.. but remember that lady lugged you around for nine months inside her body and then birthed you, so.. you can probably shell out some change in order to have it printed at Office Max.

Because surprise! I don’t have a printer at home… *gasp*… so I uploaded the file to Office Max and got mine printed on 110lb white card stock. So fancy. The print only cost $0.54 + tax, and picking the prints up from the Print Center at Office Max costs only mild frustration.

Frustrating because.. for one, the ladies standing at the self-service print station were engaged in an explicit medical conversation that was TMI. And for another.. after ignoring me for a solid five minutes, the girl working at the print center looked over at me standing in the queue and asked, “are you in line?” as if she wasn’t aware that all signs pointed to STAND HERE FOR HELP. She was visibly annoyed that I needed assisting, so she made me wait another seven minutes before coming to the counter. I don’t hold it against her, because speaking from experience, I know that the people in the world who need the most grace (more so than anyone else in the entire world, mind you) are retail employees.

Anyway, then this lovely employee discovers that there’s nothing there for me. Nothing at all. She just keeps repeating all the names for orders she does have, which suggests that I must not know my own name. So I called my sister to ask if she happened to pick it up earlier when I asked her to (which OF COURSE NOT), and then I kindly explained to this print-chick that I had an email confirmation. She hadn’t really planned on helping me to further solve this problem, but I finally convinced her to look around some more, and she eventually found the prints hiding under some other stuff somewhere.

But like I said, guys– it’s only a mildly frustrating experience, and I’d imagine that your mom’s pregnancy was much more than mildly frustrating most of the time.

Step 3: Cut Out the FREE Mother’s Day Card

FREE Floral Mother's Day Card Printable

Phew, now that we have the printed card, let’s trim it. For cutting out this free Mother’s Day Card, I’d recommend the following tools:

  • Cutting mat or thick cardboard to bear down on
  • X-acto knife
  • Ruler

Or, if you don’t have those tools, use:

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Or, if you’re already at Office Max, you can:

  • Use the paper cutter at the self-service print station

The finished size of the card is 5×7 inches, and the .PDF file includes guides to help you line everything up and cut it out perfectly.

Score the Fold of the Card First

FREE Floral Mother's Day Card Printable
I forgot to take a picture of this until I’d already trimmed the edges and folded the card!

Before you trim all the edges off the card, I’d recommend scoring the fold of the card lightly with your X-acto knife. There are guides to line your ruler up. If you don’t do this first, you’ll cut the guides off and have to wing it with the fold later. Use a light touch, you’re not trying to cut all the way through the paper. You’re just creating a nice crisp guide-line to fold along later.

Line Up Your Ruler Along the Guides

FREE Floral Mother's Day Card Printable
See the little marks to the right of the ruler? They’re on all corners of the card.

There are cut guides in all four corners of the card. Just line up your ruler with the guides on each end of the card to ensure a straight edge while you cut.

If you don’t have an X-acto knife, line up your ruler along the guides, then use a pencil to lightly draw a straight line from one point to another. You can then cut along the pencil line with scissors, ensuring perfectly straight edges.

FREE Floral Mother's Day Card Printable
Ruler lined up along the corner guides

Trim Off the Edges

Be careful when cutting with your X-acto knife along the ruler!

Be careful while you make the cuts. Now that the ruler is aligned, hold it down with your free hand so it doesn’t shift around. Run the X-acto knife next to the ruler, applying pressure, to cut off the excess. Repeat on all four sides.

FREE Floral Mother's Day Card Printable
Voila! All the edges are trimmed.

Fold the Card

Free Mother's Day Card Printable
Finished folded card

Now just fold the card in half. If you scored the card lightly before trimming off the edges, this step is even easier, and the fold will be perfectly crisp.

Again, the finished card size is 5×7 inches, which will fit perfectly into an A7 envelope. You can purchase colorful envelopes at your local craft store or office supply store. My envelope is from a Hallmark card I never used and totally too big, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Free Mother's Day Card Printable

Remember if you want this Free Mother’s Day Card, head to my Free Resource Library to download it. Or Request the Password.

How to Cut Up Photos for an Instagram Collage

How to Slice Photos for Instagram Collage in Photoshop

You’ve seen those Instagram Photo Collages, right?

As in.. a large photo cut up into a bunch of little squares and then posted one by one until they form the whole photo across the squares of your Instagram. When people visit your profile, they’re like “Woah! So Impact. Great. Amazing”.

Anyway. Posting these giant photo collages on Instagram is a really great way to add some creativity to your feed.

It looks like this…

Instagram Feed Large Photo Collage

But the best part is when you spam everyone else’s feed with enlarged photos of your right ear, then your left nostril, and last but not least– your line-free (thanks, Facetune!) forehead.. all the parts that make up a giant photo of your precious face.  When your right eyebrow gets more double-taps than your left, you’ll know that they know that your left arch is struggling (as you suspected) compared to the right arch.

So without further ado, let’s learn how to slice photos for an Instagram Collage, so you can find out which feature of your face your friends like the most.

Tools Needed:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

For this tutorial, I’ll be using Adobe Photoshop CC, and specifically the slice tool. You can easily recreate this in older versions of Photoshop, but the steps may look slightly different.

And if you prefer to watch instead of read, check out the full tutorial in my Youtube video.

How to Cut Up Photos for an Instagram Collage Step #1: Decide your Aspect Ratio

How to Cut up photos for Instagram Collage: Decide your aspect ratio

A note before we begin cutting/slicing the photo:  you need to decide on a size for your Instagram collage. The photo has to be cut into equal little squares across and down.

As you might’ve guessed, we’ve got some math to do. So if you’re one of those people who complained in Geometry/Algebra class, wondering when we’d ever use it in real life, this is the moment, my friend.

Instagram only displays 3 squares across, so you know the width of the photo needs to be divisible by 3. That’s a given. But now you need to decide how many rows (length) you want it to span. Technically you can make the photo as many squares in length as you’d like, but the best practice is to keep it between 3 – 4 squares in length. That way people will be able to see the whole picture at once when they arrive to your profile or scroll through your feed. Some phone screens are larger, so for example, I can see 5 rows at once when I start scrolling. But not everyone can.

Ratio Guide:

3:3 or 1:1 Ratio = 9 squares

This means the photo is a perfect square. If it’s 900px wide, it’s also 900px height.

900px/3 (width) = 300px and 900px/3 (height) = 300px

This ratio will post the photo over 9 squares in your profile.

3:4 Ratio = 12 squares

For this size, you need to be able to divide the width of the photo by 3 and the height by 4 and get the same value for each. If the width of the photo is 900px, the height should be 1200px.

This is because 900px/3 (width) = 300px and 1200px/4 (height) = 300px

This ratio will post the photo over 12 squares in your profile.

3:5 Ratio = 15 squares*

For this size, you need to be able to divide the width of the photo by 3 and the height by 5 and get the same value for each.  We need to find a number that is divisible by both 3 and 5. (Are visions of least common multiples haunting you right now? Don’t worry, I’ll do the thinking for you.) If 900px is the width of the photo, the height is 1500px.

This is because 900px/3 (width) = 300px and 1500px/5 (height) = 300px

This ratio will post the photo over 15 squares in your profile.


After you decide which ratio you want to use, either crop or resize your image to the correct size.

*As I mentioned above, I wouldn’t choose a length any greater than 5 rows or your collage won’t be visible all at once.

How to Cut Up Photos for an Instagram Collage Step #2: Choose the Slice Tool

Now that you’ve decided your ratio and either cropped or resized your photo to the proper size, let’s move on to the slice tool.

Choose the Slice Tool from your Toolbar. It should be nested with your Crop Tool (click and hold the lower right hand corner on the slice tool in the toolbar to bring up more options). If you still don’t see the slice tool, check the 3 dots at the very bottom of the toolbar. The slice tool may be hiding in there. Mine was.

Once you have the Slice Tool selected, right click on your image and choose Divide Slice.

How to Cut Up Photos for an Instagram Collage Step #3: Set the Horizontal and Vertical Values

How to Cut Up Photos for Instagram Collage with Slice Tool PhotoshopThank goodness we did the math and got our photo cropped or resized already, because this is the part where we plug in our aspect ratio numbers.

Divide Horizontally Into will give us our HEIGHT. Divide Vertically Into will give us our WIDTH. Technically they are out of order from the way we did our math, so make sure you don’t put the numbers in backwards! Depending on which aspect ratio you chose for your Instagram Collage, use the values below:

3:3 or 1:1 Ratio = 9 squares

Divide Horizontally Into: 3 slices down, evenly spaced

Divide Vertically Into: 3 slices across, evenly spaced

3:4 Ratio = 12 squares

Divide Horizontally Into: 4 slices down, evenly spaced

Divide Vertically Into: 3 slices across, evenly spaced

3:5 Ratio = 15 squares

Divide Horizontally Into: 5 slices down, evenly spaced

Divide Vertically Into: 3 slices across, evenly spaced

Note: this step will not work out for you if you did not get your image sized right, so if needed, return to Step 1.

How to Cut Up Photos for an Instagram Collage Step #4: Save the Images Individually

Divide photo into even squares for instagram collage

Great! We’re nearly done. The last step in Photoshop is to save our Instagram Collage as individual photos.

Go to File > Export > Save for Web

Zoom out so you can see the whole image. By default, only the first square is selected, so hold down Shift and click on all of the squares so that the whole image is selected.

I’m choosing Preset: JPEG (High), then Press Save.

How to Cut Up Photos for an Instagram Collage Step #5: Post to Instagram!

Navigate to where you saved the images. They are all numbered and ready to post to Instagram! Congrats.

Divide photo into even squares for instagram collage

If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to check out more Graphic Design tutorials on my Youtube Channel!

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